Friday, March 9, 2012

Health: A Fundamental Freedom

Our health care system has gotten too far out of reach for too many individuals.  Government providing health care is a standard feature of every modern country in the world.

Our nation was founded upon individual freedom and finding your own way, but access to a minimum quality of health needs to be considered a foundation of that freedom.  Freedom has become misinterpreted to mean the ability to pay for health care insurance or medical services.  Health care should not be considered just another commodity with inequitable touch points for those who have financial security and those who do not.  Rather it needs to be a vital part of a strong and powerful America.

A two-tiered system is certainly manageable with both private and public options.  The public options have to be funded by the tax system at this point until a better way is found.  It is just a small contribution by individual citizens to fund an America where every person has access to the medical community.

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